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HARA was founded to equip leaders and entrepreneurs to thrive in the digital age through mental mastery. We teach proven mindset techniques to master strategic focus, thinking, and resilience amidst constant digital distractions. Our mission is to empower a league of leaders who take control in the chaos and unlock elite performance through our signature program.

Patrick McAndrew CEO and Co-Founder HARAPatrick McAndrew


— CEO and Co-Founder

For the past five years Patrick has dedicated his time to spreading knowledge of cognitive health across with organizations and individuals. He has directly coached over 300 leaders and has helped thousands reclaim their attention through his presentation on, The Supply & Demand of Your Attention. His mission is to give people the internal skills to own their attention, energy and focus.

Katie has worked in Media and Technology for over 20 years in C-suite positions running teams and organizations. In 2019, she took part in the Momentum Mind Program and it fundamentally changed how she saw life, work and how organizations are run. Patrick and Katie joined forces in 2022 to develop HARA. Katie’s passion to spread to this knowledge has brought her to starting a Masters in 2023 in Organizational Behavior.

Katie Molony Co-Founder and COOKatie 


— Co-Founder and COO


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Our Participants

Hear from those who have experienced HARA programs.

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This workshop prompted discussion we might not of had, digging deeper and allowed me to get to know my teammates and start to develop better trust.

Hannah Knecht
Talent Development consultant
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Patrick presented at our Summer Sales conference in Nashville. For some of us it was a long night the night before. We had Patrick first thing , the energy he brought into the room was infectious.

Scott Lodes
Sales Associate supervisor - Pacific Life
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Like any leader, everyone in business is going through tough times. I (and the team) were working incredibly long hours and I knew we needed to take better care of ourselves. When I saw Patrick's presentation I said that's it right there. This is what the team needs. I would highly recommend it.

Andrew Buckley
Lincoln Financial Group
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There is that quote from Socrates that says 'To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom' and that is the encapsulation of what this program is all about.

Clint Gault
Attorney licensed in Ohio & Florida, Wealth and Tax Advisor, & Accredited Investment Fiduciary
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I appreciate the scientific background of why I have to do these things, to be a better version of myself, as a leader, as a mother, as a wife. All the things that matter to me.

Kelly Bryant
Internal Sales Manager, Lincoln Financial Group
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I've been in the financial services field all my life. I had been exploring the thought of branching out on my own. This workshop gives you a different perspective - why wait. So I will be launching it next month.

Carlos Sanchez
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Taking you from an unconscious state of mind to a conscious state of mind that gives you the clarity to know what's important in feeding your soul.

Michael Rabinovich

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