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As a leader, you are constantly relying on your executive functions in your day-to-day work.

Executive functions are a set of mental skills which are like the orchestra conductor in the brain. You use them for planning, goal setting, directing your attention, managing time and thinking through things before acting.

In many ways, the quality of your leadership is determined by how developed your executive functions are.

We are not born with executive functions, we develop them. They are trained through experience.

For many leaders today, the overwhelm that they experience is due to executive dysfunction.

There are too many ways of communicating, too much information, and no dedicated time allocated to focused work. This unstructured way of working is crippling productivity and often bringing on burnout. 

People who are frequently interrupted experiece:

  • Higher workloads

  • More stress

  • Greater frustration

  • More time pressures

  • The need to exert more effort

The Momentum Mind Program is tailor-made for leaders to develop skills, tools, and practices to shift their inner state from a fractured mind to a Momentum Mind.

Let's break this down.

Our attention spans are contracting. Time spent focused on a single task has gone from 160 seconds in 2004 to 47 seconds today.

This brings on mental fog - a state of mind that leaves you feeling like you're losing control, reacting in the moment instead of planning ahead.

We call this state the Fractured Mind.

When your mind is fractured, your attention is fragmented, and you have little agency over your day-to-day, which can feel like the greatest barrier to your own success.

When you have a Momentum Mind, you use energy more efficiently. You are focused, and your mind is clear.

You can control and organize your internal state to be more resilient in high-pressure environments.

The Momentum Mind Program brings structure into your life.

We help you break the old habits that waste time, energy and opportunity.

We help you instill new habits for consistent peak performance.

We are a group of leaders who are evolving to meet the changes taking place around us.

Everybody else is stuck with an old mentality about productivity and efficiency that comes from the industrial age. They are prioritizing activity over impact and this is disrupting the brain’s ability to control thoughts, emotions and behavior.

The statistics speak for themselves:

  • Over the last decade, there's been a 50% increase in time spent in meetings, answering emails and responding to DMs at work

  • 85% of the workday is spent in collaboration; using tools such as text, email, IM, and video calls

  • The average attention span at work has gone from 2.5 minutes to 44 seconds

  • Because of constant distractions, people switch contexts every 3 minutes, and it takes them 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to the task they were focusing on before the interruption

  • 72% of employees we surveyed said their greatest challenge was creating a structure in their daily life

  • 57% do not plan their workday but begin by reacting to the demands of their inbox

  • 60% of teams fail to meet their strategic objectives

It doesn’t have to be like this.

If you want to make the impact that you know you are capable of then you need a Momentum Mind.

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